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Samples of our work

So you’re looking for a professional to edit, mix and master your podcasts?
There’s a squillion of them out there, but how do you pick the good ones?
Well, samples of previous work are a good start.

Bruce Williams has been a professional audio engineer for over 30 years, primarily engaged in the commercial radio industry. But he’s also been an active podcaster since 2005.
His own podcasts can be heard here: Shutters Inc | Sine Language
And examples of his radio commercial work can be heard on Soundcloud.

Reach out today to get a truly experienced audio professional on your team!

Audio2u revamp

This site is currently undergoing a revamp.

If things don’t look quite “finished”, it’s most likely because they aren’t! Bear with us, we’re working as quickly as possible to get everything done.

When it’s finished… well, you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?