January 24, 2010

Building the pod – episode 139

This week, a very quick look at the Automatic Click Remover,
followed by a slightly more lengthy look at the Automatic Phase Correction tool,
plus a couple of listener e-mails answered regarding splittting a multi-song multitrack project into individual song projects, and how to capture the sound of scrubbing the CTI across a waveform.

July 8, 2007

Building the pod – episode 099

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This week, big thanks to Peter Vautier for his help with categorizing some of the old episodes of BTP. More help is still required if anyone has the time and inclination to listen back to some old eps!

No Q+A this week.

ctrl+k – split an audio clip in multitrack view

WITE 2:20
effects/amplitude/stereo expander
Stereo expander

Phase analysis window
Phase analysis window

July 16, 2006

Building the pod – episode 053

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This week, Bruce takes a close look at the “Mastering and Analysis” workspace, plus the keyboard shortcut of the week.