September 16, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 091

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This week, more on cleaning digital camera sensors (hey, who you callin’ a moron?),
Matt Armstead provided a link to SensorFilm,
image development presets in Paint Shop Pro and Lightroom,
the portrait of Michael Baxley’s that Shelton referred to in the podcast is here,
Shelton talks about choosing the right lens for portrait work,
he also talks a bit about wedding photography (I’ve got a wedding to shoot next Saturday),
Shelton’s wedding shoot checklist,
and I’m sure there was something else…


oh yeah, that’s right…
you’re all hangin’ out to know who won the natural light window portrait competition! :)

Drum roll please…

Come on down, Mr Jaime Santillan!


And you can check out some more of this shoot here.

Jaime, congratulations maaaaate! You’ve scored a copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro v11.

September 9, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 090

This week, some more natural light window portraits…

Remember, you have until Wednesday (of this week, Australian time) to get your submissions in to

Also this week, Bruce attempts a bit of DIY sensor-cleaning much to Shelton’s horror!
For those interested in having a go, a couple of sites worth checking out are:

Cleaning digital cameras
Visible dust

My sensor prior to cleaning! Far from perfect, but an improvement nonetheless!

Also, Gary Hegenbart wanted to share a macro he did by reversing his lens.