September 20, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 137

This week, SI comes to you from the old Victorian river town of Echuca, located on the Murray River (which forms the state boarder between Victoria and New South Wales).

Recorded after one day of a 2 day photogrpahic workshop. The usual suspects talk about all aspects of the workshop, photograhy, working with models, lighting, you name it.

February 15, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 116

Yep, 2 weeks in a row!
This week, Shelton answers a couple of very old e-mails regarding off-camera flash,
Robert Iverson asked about printing an entire folder of images,
Bruce asks for clarification on Shelton’s “pocket sunshine” technique,
plus the state of play with sensor size and density.

December 23, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 100

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We finally got here!

This week, Shelton discusses his latest trip to Rockhampton to teach real estate salespeople how to more effectively shoot their properties,
more on off-camera flash,
and the John Bertrand shoot (pic 1, pic 2).

Bruce is planning on using My Reflections to print his photobook of his recent U.S. trip.

This week, we heard from John Bell who has put together a very informative video on how to prepare for an aerial photography expedition.
Even if you don’t plan on doing an aerial shoot, this is well worth watching. Thanks John.
And of course, there’s the landscape competition.
Shelton came up with a corker of a prize!

A Cokin “Landscape filter pack” comprising:

Grey grad soft
Grey grad hard
Blue yellow polarizer
Standard polarizer


And the winner?
Mr Tom Nevesley, come on down!

Tom Nevesely - Spillway Lake

There were also some honourable mentions (in no particular order):

Christophe Jager
David Zack
Michael Baxley
Sasha Kozhekin

Congratualtions Tom!
And thanks one and all for your submissions.

Merry Christmas one and all.
We’ll be back mid-January.
Take care.

September 9, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 090

This week, some more natural light window portraits…

Remember, you have until Wednesday (of this week, Australian time) to get your submissions in to

Also this week, Bruce attempts a bit of DIY sensor-cleaning much to Shelton’s horror!
For those interested in having a go, a couple of sites worth checking out are:

Cleaning digital cameras
Visible dust

My sensor prior to cleaning! Far from perfect, but an improvement nonetheless!

Also, Gary Hegenbart wanted to share a macro he did by reversing his lens.