March 23, 2008

Sine Language – episode 086

I know, I know… I told you all that there would be no podcasts for 7 weeks, right?
Yeah well… I got a great e-mail from Meredith Matthews (otherwise known as Mer from Braindouche, but I hadn’t made that connection at the time I recorded this) who asked about the whole “loudness war” thing.
Which of course led me off on a half hour rant about peak limiting, rms, VU, average loudness… all the usual suspects.
Anyway… THIS will be the last podcast for another 6 weeks, ok?

The prosoundweb thread I mentioned is here.
And here’s some 1kHz tone to play with, if you’re interested.

And a late starter… the ModernMeter plugin can be downloaded from here (right click and “save as”).

July 9, 2006

Sine Language – episode 018

This week, some more listener e-mail, and a discussion on phase cancellation.

March 5, 2006

Sine Language – episode 004

In episode 4, Bruce talks about (audio dynamics) compression.
What it is, how it works, and where to start if it’s a bit murky for you.
Since I recorded this, I realised that there are some more things to talk about, so let’s just consider episode 4 to be ‘part one’, shall we?

August 27, 2005

Building the pod – episode 010

In episode 10, Bruce begins to explain audio compression.