September 14, 2008

Building the pod – episode 126

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In episode 126, I invited Michael Rooney (the author of the shareware program, Mediasweeper) to come over and have a chat about exactly what his application is designed to do, and how it works.

For anyone who uses the multitrack side of Audition, this program is a MUST-HAVE!

With versions 2 and 3 of Audition, pressing record in the multitrack writes the new audio directly to your hard drive, even though you may not yet be sure that what you’re recording is going to be a ‘keeper’.

This means that over time, you can end up with quite a lot of saved audio files on your hard disc that you don’t need or want to keep.

Mediasweeper will help you identify (and move) those useless files to another folder ready for deletion (or archiving).

And if you can spare a few bucks via a PayPal donation, I’m sure Michael would be most appreciative!

August 31, 2008

Building the pod – episode 125

This week, a bunch of listener e-mails to answer.
First up, we heard from Bomar in France. After editing and mixing this episode, it occurred to me that this really should have been in Sine Language rather than BTP… oh well, sue me!
Bomar mentioned (among other things), a microphone which is alledgedly capable of picking up the sound of an ant’s footsteps.
Unfortunately, the site doesn’t appear to have any audio samples of this awesome feat.
Mmmmmm, sorry Bomar, but please forgive my scepticism! :)
Bomar went on to talk about field recorders, which led to a discussion on ‘auto gain control’ circuits (and why I don’t like them).

Next up, I received an e-mail from Ken at Bear Creek Studios who alerted me to a piece of software called Mediasweeper.
This looks really nifty, although I do need to spend some more time with it.
What it is designed to do is to look at your Audition .ses files and show you a list of which assets (read: wav files, mp3’s, avi’s, whatever) are referenced by the session file, and then allow you to either move all those files, or delete any wavs in the project folder which are NOT referenced by the session file!
If it does as promised, this will be a God-send!
Unfortunately, there’s no help file with it.
When I’ve spent some more time with it, I’ll report back.

Then, Wayne Montle wrote to tell me about Pamela, a piece of software which sits in between Skype and your DAW of choice.
What it does is allow you to split your outgoing audio (your voice) and your incoming audio (the person you’re talking to) into a left/right stereo signal so that you can later edit your Skype call with split tracks.
For those with soundcards which don’t offer that flexibility natively, this could be a huge blessing.
Thanks for the tip, Wayne.

Finally, I received an e-mail from Patrique Osborne who was concerned that I was advocating the growing of marijuana in episode 124!
I had a good laugh at this.