July 29, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 084

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In ep 84, Shelton answers a whole bunch of listener e-mail.
Also, Bruce’s eagerly anticipated EBay purchase.

Mentioned links:
Harbour Digital Design
Digital Photography Review

David Elfering’s flash pics:


Bounce 1


Bounce 2


Bounce 3


Bounce 4


Bounce 5


Bounce 6


Bounce 7


Bounce 8


Diffuser 1


Diffuser 2



July 8, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 081

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In ep 81, a discussion on the importance of water, followed by Shelton continuing his discussion (from last week) of tripods.

Tripod heads mentioned include:

Manfrotto 058
Manfrotto 322 (what Shelton uses) and the 222
Manfrotto 141RC (what Bruce currently uses)

And then Shelton moves on to this week’s topic of shooting effective “pan” shots.

Some of Shelton’s examples:


Plus one from Bruce right here,

Also, those pics from Bob Fischer that Shelton referred to:

July 1, 2007

Shutters Inc. – episode 080

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Sponsored by Joby.

Gorillapod by Joby

This week, Shelton responds to a couple of listener e-mails. One from Will McCandless about his experiences with his Gorillapod, and one from Young asking about tripods (how appropriate!).

Shelton also talks about the Gorillapod SLR, and about how handy that can be, especially if you’re into camping or hiking or the like.

And finally, he talks about the use of “positive and negative space” within an image. (And although he promised us some images, I’m still waiting. Stay tuned!)

We did however receive some images from listener Michael Baxley who has been concentrating on his use of light (and nailing it quite nicely, too!).

Michael Baxley - image 1
Michael Baxley - image 2
Michael Baxley - image 3

Nice work, Michael!

June 24, 2007

Shutters Inc. – episode 079

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Version 2.0, sponsored by Joby.

Gorillapod by Joby
Fun and games with this week’s recording. Listen in for the details.
Shutters Inc now has its very own domain name… woohoo! Bookmark shuttersincpodcast to only receive posts from audio2u.com which relate to Shutters Inc. How cool is that?
Shelton and Bruce talk about the Gorillapod Original (that’s the little one), Shelton answers a couple of listener e-mails, and then dishes out his top 10 tips for getting correct exposure…

01. Grey card (such as the Lastolite Ezy Balance, available in Australia from Kayell)
02. Histogram
03. Watch the background
04. Watch for highlights
05. Spot metering
06. + or – 2 stops
07. Meter for the highlights
08. Filters
09. Reflectors or fill-flash
10. What is CORRECT exposure anyway?

Print these out and stick ’em in your camera bag!!

Shelton has again shared some of his photography with us. Check these out for creative metering.

Tzee Yoong’s photo from the Silk Road, as mentioned by Shelton.

Also, after recording this episode, I took Cath and Max up to Newcastle (2 hours drive north of Sydney) to see the Pasha Bulker, a freighter which has run aground on Nobby’s Beach. Check out some of the shots.