November 9, 2008

Sine Language – episode 100

Yes folks.
Believe it or not, we’re finally here!
The building of this video has been an absolute labour of love…. I’d estimate that it’s taken me about 20 hours of work to complete!
Maybe, that’s partly my inexperience at producing video podcasts, but hopefully, when you watch it, you’ll see where those hours went.
In an effort to ease the load on my hosting company’s servers, I will be setting up a torrent feed later tonight.
Check back here later for a link to the torrent file.
There’s also a copy of the file at YouSendIt, plus the copy here at

To download manually from audio2u:
sl100.mp4 280MB

From YouSendIt here:
sl100.mp4 280MB

If you want to download a copy of the final mix of the song (featuring a couple of extra tweaks I did later), grab that here:
Fear of Holding On – 320 kbit joint stereo (13MB)

Towards the end of the podcast (or is that vidcast?), I mentioned that I would make the individual instrument tracks available to anyone who wanted to have a crack at mixing the song for themselves.
Drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you the link to download the files.
Just be warned… that’s an even bigger download than the mp4!!
The tracks are 32bit mono and total about 1.1GB!
The download will be in .rar format, so you’ll need an archive utility like WinRAR (or similar) which is capable of unzipping a .rar file.

September 9, 2007

Building the pod – episode 107

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Q+A 0:26
This week, a query about a sex change plug-in? Is this for real?
Plus I cover the Doppler effect (just for Bruce McKinnon, who’s been hangin’ out for me to get to it).

Doppler effect

Alt + K (keyboard shortcuts)

WITE 12:02


The mixer

Audio channel strip Bus channel strip Master fader channel strip

August 26, 2007

Building the pod – episode 105

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Q+A 0:26
Adobe Q4 e-seminars
October 19
December 7

Also, the 4th prize winner in the btp100 giveaway was Jan Polland from Germany. Congratulations!

ctrl+z to undo
ctrl+shft+z to redo

WITE 6:09


‘Sends’ (and the automation thereof)

Select to view 'sends' Adding a new bus 'Send' allocated to a bus, and powered on View automation lanes for a 'send'

February 19, 2006

Building the pod – episode 035

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In epsiode 35, Bruce covers a bit more info on sends, the effects rack in multi track view, and a brief chat about scribble strips.
Links to: Mackie Control universal, the Adobe Roadshow, and Hart Shafer’s blog.

February 12, 2006

Building the pod – episode 034

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I apologise for this one in advance. In episode 34, Bruce stumbles through a description of “sends” and how they work. Plus, a plug for’s newest podcast, Sine Language.