Some recent listener feedback

Shutters Inc

Firstly let me start with reference to something that Bruce had mentioned, I think in episode 137.
You were quite concerned with the audio quality that you were able to present to listeners from the portable recorder used at Echuca, the audio on that episode was fine.
I have recently dabbled with other podcasts, and have since canceled all of the downloads except Shutters Inc.
Bruce the quality of the audio delivered by you leaves all others far behind, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the great pod casts not only in the information passed on but also the technical quality.
Mark Chapman

Sine Language

Bruce, I can only say, in my opinion, that the services you are providing are greatly appreciated.
J. R.

Building the pod

I've only recently decided to get back into music production after a prolonged absence.
So, when it came to choosing a DAW, it came down to a choice between FL Studio and Audition.
Dollar wise, quite similar although FL Studio does offer more in the way of virtual instruments for this price range.
But I chose Audition for two clear reasons.
1. I really like the look and feel. The layout is just easy on the eye and made sense to me very quickly.
2. I knew I had a great teacher. I discovered Building the Pod through the Adobe web site and soon found Sine Language.
I have to thank you sincerely for your weekly tuition.
It has turned a somewhat severe learning curve into managable bite size pieces.
I simply can't overstate how thankful I am of your weekly podcasts.
Bye for now.
Ross Huntley

April 29, 2007

Sine Language – episode 055

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In episode 55, Bruce answers some listener e-mail.
We’ve got an iTunes Lame plugin,
a mention for CDEX (for the PC users),
plus we get Steve G from the Audiomasters forum on the blower for a chat about Dolby noise reduction and mic pre amps.

I asked Steve G for a 50 word summary of his career, and this is what he said:

I’m a consultant. I spent my late teens building pipe organs, and then moved into electronics and computing. A subsequent change of direction took me into TV production and recording studio management. I’ve studied acoustics extensively, and throughout most of my career I’ve been producing and recording music and speech.
That’s 50 words, but I don’t think it really says very much about me at all, quite frankly!

I’ve asked him for a 150 work summary instead! Stay tuned.

Update 1st May.

Here’s Steve’s slightly longer career/life summary:

I started messing about with tape and recording in the sixties – by building a tape recorder. I’d been curiously attracted to pipe organs as a child, and took up organ building as a teenager, only to get a little disillusioned with it as a career. So I ended up studying electronics, and spent a while in mainframe computing and various forms of A/V work. I was still recording stuff though – and yet another career change took me into TV and radio production and post-production, closely followed by studio management, and yet more recording – only the range of it increased. This lasted quite a long time, during which I also studied, amongst other things, acoustics quite extensively. I got relocated, didn’t like the commute, so ended up working freelance as a consultant, which is what I’m doing now. And I’m still recording.

Married twice, I have several children and grandchildren, and am effectively owned by an extremely large cat called Izzy.

Shutters Inc. – episode 071

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This week, Shelton answers a couple of listener e-mails, including a query on flash vs available light. Plus, Bruce mentions a recent partnership announcement between Flickr and Imagekind.

Building the pod – episode 089

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Sorry, no ep this week. Just a quick announcement.

April 22, 2007

Sine Language – episode 054

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In episode 54, encoding MP3’s (cbr vs vbr again), setting gain on a console with subgroups, more on royalty free production music (podsafe music network, adobe soundbooth, iodalliance, and

Shutters Inc. – episode 070

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In episode 70,a discussion on Robert Fischer’s Chicago photos, how to use a circular polarizer, Carl’s photo (from last week), Shutters Inc rated highly on the capturedinlight blog, plus Shelton talks about interpolating images to larger sizes.

Building the pod – episode 088

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Q+A 0:48
Can you reverse Dolby C or dbx noise reduction (from an analogue cassette) using Audition?

and ctrl+del

WITE 7:37

Interface 15:03
Believe it or not, the peak program meters.

Also in this ep, check out the free VST plugins from Antress

April 15, 2007

Sine Language – episode 053

Bruce’s torture at the hands of podcasting cowboys, royalty free production music, a couple of voice comments about the M-Audio MobilePre, a discussion on telephone hybrids, and acoustic treatment for the podcast “road warriors” out there!

Shutters Inc. – episode 069

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In episode 69, driving too fast, Ricoh Caplio R6, Fuji S5 (again), and using rear curtain sync with your flash unit.

Building the pod – episode 087

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Q+A 1:10
My hardware and setup (again), and Audition’s monitoring options.

Control + H audio clip properties

WITE 14:30

Interface 24:25

April 1, 2007

Sine Language – episode 052

In episode 52, an enquiry from Peet Sneakes regarding channel strips, and one from Steve Mayfield regarding live radio performances.
Also, thanks to guys at Inside Home Recording for their kind words.

Shutters Inc. – episode 068

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In episode 68, Shelton and Bruce chat about Shutterbug 07.
Also, Shelton talks about not losing your passion, Dan Paris, the importance of being part of some sort of fraternity or photography community, and his son’s recent photography win.

Building the pod – episode 086

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Episode 86.
Q+A 1:42
Processing phone calls to improve quality (Skype.mp3)

Ctrl+shft+home (or end)

WITE 21:14
Channel mixer

Interface 26:31
Zoom panel