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Shutters Inc

Firstly let me start with reference to something that Bruce had mentioned, I think in episode 137.
You were quite concerned with the audio quality that you were able to present to listeners from the portable recorder used at Echuca, the audio on that episode was fine.
I have recently dabbled with other podcasts, and have since canceled all of the downloads except Shutters Inc.
Bruce the quality of the audio delivered by you leaves all others far behind, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the great pod casts not only in the information passed on but also the technical quality.
Mark Chapman

Sine Language

Bruce, I can only say, in my opinion, that the services you are providing are greatly appreciated.
J. R.

Building the pod

I've only recently decided to get back into music production after a prolonged absence.
So, when it came to choosing a DAW, it came down to a choice between FL Studio and Audition.
Dollar wise, quite similar although FL Studio does offer more in the way of virtual instruments for this price range.
But I chose Audition for two clear reasons.
1. I really like the look and feel. The layout is just easy on the eye and made sense to me very quickly.
2. I knew I had a great teacher. I discovered Building the Pod through the Adobe web site and soon found Sine Language.
I have to thank you sincerely for your weekly tuition.
It has turned a somewhat severe learning curve into managable bite size pieces.
I simply can't overstate how thankful I am of your weekly podcasts.
Bye for now.
Ross Huntley

August 28, 2007

Lunar eclipse

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Tonight, there was a lunar eclipse. Where you were on the planet would have determined the view that you got.

This was the view from Down Under.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

August 26, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 088

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This week, the SI Flickr group continues to grow,
Shelton talks about how to shoot a window light portrait (that should come in handy for the listener assignment),
He’s also lined up a prize: Corel PaintShopPro v11
Shelton also mentions Melbourne-based photographer, David Williams
Plus, listener Curt Bronkhorst sent us some images of his work:

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10

Building the pod – episode 105

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Q+A 0:26
Adobe Q4 e-seminars
October 19
December 7

Also, the 4th prize winner in the btp100 giveaway was Jan Polland from Germany. Congratulations!

ctrl+z to undo
ctrl+shft+z to redo

WITE 6:09


‘Sends’ (and the automation thereof)

Select to view 'sends' Adding a new bus 'Send' allocated to a bus, and powered on View automation lanes for a 'send'

…nor this week, either!

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Sorry guys. I truly am.

This week, I had a cousin call me.I haven’t seen her in 6 years. She and her boyfriend are on a working/touring/holiday/jaunt around Australia. They’ve been on the road for almost 2 years now, and have just rocked into Sydney. They are staying with Cath and I for a few days, and that’s kind of thrown regular schedules out the window a bit… and I don’t mind that in the least. Sometimes, you just gotta put family first, and it’s been really cool to catch up with her (and to meet her boyfriend, too).

I will do everything humanly possible to get a show out next week.

August 22, 2007

Listener assignment

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There seems to be a bit of confusion on where to send the listener assignment photos (natural light window portraits).
So, for the record, just send them to
And that will be the rule for any future listener assignments, too.
Sorry guys and gal. Should have mentioned that on the podcast!


August 19, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 087

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This week, Bruce’s home-made softbox (idea courtesy of diyphotography)

It ain't pretty, but it works! McGyver is alive and well! Softbox sample Softbox self-portrait
135mm lens 135mm lens - white light 135mm lens - with gold gauze

…some more panning shots, this time from Brad Wilkins in Milwaukee…

David - speed Matthew - head on Matthew - pan David - pan

…and Shelton discusses macro photography, and putting live insects in your fridge!

Also, we announce the first weekly “Shutters Inc listener assignment”. Your task, should you choose to accept it Jim, is to shoot a natural light window portrait.

No SL this week

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Sorry one and all, a big week this week and just didn’t have time.

Building the pod – episode 104

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This week,
Q+A 0:25

Alt+insert – insert current file into CD list
Ctrl+M – insert current file into multitrack

The insert icons

WITE 4:38
Delay/Dynamic delay

Dynamic delay

Effects rack

Switching to view the effects in multitrack view Loading an effect into the first effect slot The “Ambience” reverb plugin loaded in the Effects Rack

August 12, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 086

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This week, how to find models without agents.
Bruce is planning on doing a shoot soon with a model from Ozmodel.

Test shot with the 135mm f2.8 lens
Bruce has got his new lens.
This is a shot ripped off quickly in the back yard before school, on the morning of recording Shutters Inc!
Nothing brilliant, I know, but gimme some time with it.We’ll get there.

Shelton answers a listener e-mail about how to best photograph people who are a little on the heavy side,
plus he also talks about ‘framing’ our composition.

Framing options

Looking room (looking into the shot)

Looking room (looking out of the shot)

Peru hut - original

Peru hut - cropped

Also, not mentioned on the podcast, but definitely worth sharing, are these panning shots from Andrew Sanigorski:

Recently you guys were talking about blurs and panning the camera to renders moving subjects stationary and I thought I’d share some of the work I’ve done with you and your listeners/readers which is a bit different as they don’t have a central sharp focus and are more concerned with the shapes and natural rhythms I’ve observed in the landscape.
The images (personal work) were exposed for between 1/5th to 3 seconds generally with small apertures to get the type of blurring i was after (of course I could have added an ND filter so wider apertures could be used). The images were pretty much adjusted using camera raw (Bridge) with some very minor PShop tweaking.

…plus these of Jason Kaechler’s crazy cats!

Cats 1

Cats 2

Sine Language – episode 070

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This week, Tokyo Dan asked about the war story pertaining to Cheap Trick and the Angels, so we quickly revisit that one.
Peet Sneakes asked about enhanced podcasts.
And we touch again on the volume/gain discussion from last week.

Building the pod – episode 103

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This week, again, no Q+A.

ctrl+L – Select left channel only (of a stereo waveform in Edit view)
ctrl+R – Select right channel only (of a stereo waveform in Edit view)
ctrl+B – Select both channels (of a stereo waveform in Edit view)
You can also use the up/down arrow keys to toggle.

WITE 2:19
delay effects/delay



Automation – pt 2 (modes)

Multitrack preferences

Select an automation lane to view

Select automation mode

August 7, 2007

Shutters Inc has it’s own Flickr page

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Well, seems our listeners can’t wait for us!

Richard Annable (he of the “Crap, crap, giggle, tip, end” fame) has set up a Flickr page dedicated to Shutters Inc.

You can find it here:

Shutters Inc on Flickr

Essentially, the idea is that if you guys want to share even more images than I post up with the podcast each week, you can do so at your own time and pace.

Way to go, Richard!

Photo tour to Kangaroo Island

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Would you like to spend a week with Shelton on a fabulous Australian photo
Shelton is arranging to lead a photographic tour on South Australia’s
Kangaroo Island in March 2008.
Download the pdf for further information here.

I don’t have any images of Kangaroo Island, but you can view some images from Flickr.

Map of Australia (courtesy of kidivingsafaris)

August 5, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 085

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In ep 85, more listener e-mail,
Andrew Cooper’s panoramas,

Mountain (edited)
Austria 3

Austria 3 (edited)

Austria 4

Austria 4 (edited)

Austria 5

Austria 5 (edited)

Dam (edited)

Frikes Harbour

Frikes Harbour (edited)

Mountain (edited)

the controversial cover of Total Image,

Total Image magazine Better Pictures magazine The controversial “other” cover for Total Image!

A great site that Bruce stumbled across during the week…. diyphotography, which led Shelton to mention Strobist’s website

The crazy wacky “plumbing-supplies-extension-tube” macro setup is here

Plus, Shelton is looking for expressions of interest in a photo tour to Australia’s Kangaroo Island next year.

Building the pod – episode 102

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This week, no Q+A.

Cntrl + shift + n : paste to new

WITE 4:00


Automation – pt 1

Volume lane Pan 2 lanes showing

Thanks to Peter Vautier for his help with categorising old BTP episodes.
However, more help is still needed if anyone has the time.
Congratulations to the winners of the btp100 giveaway. But there is still one more prize up for grabs!

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