Some recent listener feedback

Shutters Inc

Firstly let me start with reference to something that Bruce had mentioned, I think in episode 137.
You were quite concerned with the audio quality that you were able to present to listeners from the portable recorder used at Echuca, the audio on that episode was fine.
I have recently dabbled with other podcasts, and have since canceled all of the downloads except Shutters Inc.
Bruce the quality of the audio delivered by you leaves all others far behind, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the great pod casts not only in the information passed on but also the technical quality.
Mark Chapman

Sine Language

Bruce, I can only say, in my opinion, that the services you are providing are greatly appreciated.
J. R.

Building the pod

I've only recently decided to get back into music production after a prolonged absence.
So, when it came to choosing a DAW, it came down to a choice between FL Studio and Audition.
Dollar wise, quite similar although FL Studio does offer more in the way of virtual instruments for this price range.
But I chose Audition for two clear reasons.
1. I really like the look and feel. The layout is just easy on the eye and made sense to me very quickly.
2. I knew I had a great teacher. I discovered Building the Pod through the Adobe web site and soon found Sine Language.
I have to thank you sincerely for your weekly tuition.
It has turned a somewhat severe learning curve into managable bite size pieces.
I simply can't overstate how thankful I am of your weekly podcasts.
Bye for now.
Ross Huntley

September 30, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 093

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This week, Shelton talks about the photography workshop that he ran in Queensland last weekend,
plus the outcome of Dan and Kate’s wedding which Bruce shot last weekend.

Also, Richard Annable had some ideas for future photographic assignments.

Sine Language – episode 073

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This week, an e-mail from Gary Larude pointing to an article about how DAC’s work,
and then part 3 of the series on building your own promo from scratch: creating your own sound design elements for use in promos and show intros and the like.


AcidPlanet 8 packs

Sorry guys and gals

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No BTP this week either.
And we’re now in school holidays here in New South Wales, so for the next 2 weeks, I may have to settle with just getting one podcast out each week.
So, my goal at this point is to record a BTP this week coming and skip SL, and then next week, do SL but skip BTP (again).

September 23, 2007

Not this week…

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Sorry guys.
I had some roofing contractors here through the week (for those interested in such things, they are replacing some broken tiles, re-doing the ridge capping, sealing and repainting) and they are one NOISY bunch of tradies!
So, it was just pointless me trying to record this week.

Shutters Inc – episode 092

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This week, Bruce and Shelton call for submissions in the next SI listener assignment… landscapes.

Also, in no particular order, insults, macro photography, joining a club, Bruce’s US west coast tour.

And here are the pics that Shelton referred to in the podcast:

Manfield White trees Grand Teton dawn

September 16, 2007

Sine Language – episode 072

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This week, I received an e-mail from Slau regarding an article he wrote for SoundOnSound magazine back in ’95 regarding digital and analogue levels. It’s definitely worth reading, and you can do so here.

I also had a query from Bruce McKinnon at the Dogbox podcast about convolution reverbs, and how they work.

Plus, the second instalment in the “making a promo for your podcast” series.
This week, the voice over.
Both directing someone else, and doing it yourself.

Building the pod – episode 108

This week,
Q+A 0:26
For those who weren’t watching the blog through the week, Audition v3.0 has been officially announced,
and I’ll be headed stateside in November.

What the hell are these?
mark intro time
mark sec tone

What are these shortcuts for?

WITE 3:50
Delay/Full reverb

The 'reverb settings' tab The 'coloration' tab

Session properties (and the advanced tab)

Session properties Advanced settings - general Advanced settings - mixing
Advanced settings - tempo Advanced settings - metronome Advanced settings - notes

Shutters Inc – episode 091

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This week, more on cleaning digital camera sensors (hey, who you callin’ a moron?),
Matt Armstead provided a link to SensorFilm,
image development presets in Paint Shop Pro and Lightroom,
the portrait of Michael Baxley’s that Shelton referred to in the podcast is here,
Shelton talks about choosing the right lens for portrait work,
he also talks a bit about wedding photography (I’ve got a wedding to shoot next Saturday),
Shelton’s wedding shoot checklist,
and I’m sure there was something else…


oh yeah, that’s right…
you’re all hangin’ out to know who won the natural light window portrait competition! :)

Drum roll please…

Come on down, Mr Jaime Santillan!


And you can check out some more of this shoot here.

Jaime, congratulations maaaaate! You’ve scored a copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro v11.

September 9, 2007

Shutters Inc – episode 090

This week, some more natural light window portraits…

Remember, you have until Wednesday (of this week, Australian time) to get your submissions in to

Also this week, Bruce attempts a bit of DIY sensor-cleaning much to Shelton’s horror!
For those interested in having a go, a couple of sites worth checking out are:

Cleaning digital cameras
Visible dust

My sensor prior to cleaning! Far from perfect, but an improvement nonetheless!

Also, Gary Hegenbart wanted to share a macro he did by reversing his lens.

Sine Language – episode 071

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This week, a quick mention of the fact that I’ll be doing a couple of e-seminars (just short 1 hour jobs) for Adobe Asia-Pacific over the next couple of months.
Specifically, October 19 and December 7.
For those who are interested, they will be about “Cleaning up audio with Soundbooth CS3.
Remember also that if you are interested in Soundbooth CS3, I have recorded a video training title for which you can check out here.
And if you’re interested in purchasing the CD-ROM, I’ll have copies available soon!

Also, I revisit the old “mastering to -1dBFS” argument again.

Plus, I do my best to answer a query from Bill Burns (at the Security Hype podcast) about calibrating input and otput leves between an analogue mixer and your PC’s (or Mac’s) soundcard and DAW software.

Conversion table for dBu and dBm

Building the pod – episode 107

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Q+A 0:26
This week, a query about a sex change plug-in? Is this for real?
Plus I cover the Doppler effect (just for Bruce McKinnon, who’s been hangin’ out for me to get to it).

Doppler effect

Alt + K (keyboard shortcuts)

WITE 12:02


The mixer

Audio channel strip Bus channel strip Master fader channel strip

September 6, 2007

September 1, 2007

Three in a row

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Sorry guys. Next week, I promise!
My cousin and her boyfriend left today (Saturday), so this week coming I will definitely be able to include SL on the “To do list”.
Thanks for not giving me grief over this unexpected break!

Shutters Inc – episode 089

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Yes, I’m publishing a day early this week as I have a recording session tomorrow night which would prevent me from publishing then.

This week, “second wedding photographer” etiquette,
Bruce’s photos of the lunar eclipse,
Shutters Inc does in fact have ANOTHER female listener,
we discuss the idea of video podcasts,
plus Shelton discusses subordinate/dominant relationships within photographs.

And, as discussed in the podcast, here are the submissions received so far in the “natural light window portrait” assignment.
I am deliberately NOT putting people’s names beside the images.
You each know your own image, but that’s it.
Giggle giggle.

Building the pod – episode 106

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I’m publishing a day early this week.
Got a recording session tomorrow night which means I wouldn’t be able to publish then.

This week, no Q+A.

Alt+A (add audio track)
Alt+B (add bus)
Alt+M (add midi track)

WITE 2:40
delay/echo chamber

Echo chamber

Track EQ

View EQ The EQ window