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Shutters Inc

Firstly let me start with reference to something that Bruce had mentioned, I think in episode 137.
You were quite concerned with the audio quality that you were able to present to listeners from the portable recorder used at Echuca, the audio on that episode was fine.
I have recently dabbled with other podcasts, and have since canceled all of the downloads except Shutters Inc.
Bruce the quality of the audio delivered by you leaves all others far behind, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the great pod casts not only in the information passed on but also the technical quality.
Mark Chapman

Sine Language

Bruce, I can only say, in my opinion, that the services you are providing are greatly appreciated.
J. R.

Building the pod

I've only recently decided to get back into music production after a prolonged absence.
So, when it came to choosing a DAW, it came down to a choice between FL Studio and Audition.
Dollar wise, quite similar although FL Studio does offer more in the way of virtual instruments for this price range.
But I chose Audition for two clear reasons.
1. I really like the look and feel. The layout is just easy on the eye and made sense to me very quickly.
2. I knew I had a great teacher. I discovered Building the Pod through the Adobe web site and soon found Sine Language.
I have to thank you sincerely for your weekly tuition.
It has turned a somewhat severe learning curve into managable bite size pieces.
I simply can't overstate how thankful I am of your weekly podcasts.
Bye for now.
Ross Huntley

November 1, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 140

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This week, a verbal version of this blog post from earlier in the week regarding the Konica Minolta and Sony alpha850.

Then, a couple of very special guests:

Dave Honl, strobist extrordinaire and creator of the Honl light modifiers, and his actress wife, Claudia Christian.

There is going to be a giveaway alongside this episode.

Dave has generously given us a copy of his 2 DVD set “Light” to giveaway, along with a “starter pack” of HonlPhoto accessories!

Watch this space!

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7 responses to “Shutters Inc – episode 140”

  1. Adam Davidson says:

    Nice work Bruce, loved the podcast. I like the idea of having a different guest on a semi regular basis. Maybe we can have a poll to see who you (and Shelton) can talk to first?

    I would love to hear from Joe McNally and I think it would be interesting hearing how David Oliver’s semi recent transition from shooting all his weddings with film to shooting digitally has changed his work flow and shooting style.

    Feel free to send the dvd’s on down, I will put them to good use 😉

  2. Great interview Bruce
    I am sure a lot of people will gain a lot of confidence about their own photography and know that they too can get out and try these types of shots. As David says, he only shoots on manual and guesses (from experience) a lot of his lighting set ups. Practice seems to be the key word.

  3. Thanks guys. I had a great time talking with them!

  4. Erin G says:

    What a cool podcast! Great work, Bruce. :)

  5. Mark Chapman says:

    I was so surprised to find a new episode what with Shelton being overseas.
    I really enjoyed this Bruce, David was a great guest to have and was a joy to listen.
    Thanks Buddy

  6. Jan says:

    This was a great episode. The interview was great! Being a big fan of Babylon 5, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Claudia. It just put a big smile on my face. But of course the content was great as well, I’ll definetly check out Dave’s DVDs.

    Also THANK YOU so very much for your introductory remarks about your tests with your KonikaMinolta and the new Sony.
    I recently got an old Nikon D70 for, what we in germany call , “an apple and an egg” (around 100us$). And since it’s obviously older gear, you made me really nervous for one minute, when you said how you saw this huge diffrence on the screen, and a big sigh of relief when the biggest diffrence really was the screens.
    That gave me hope I can achieve my vision with just enough practice. In the end it’s really only about the photographer (and the lenses :-) )and not so much the gear. You saved me from GAS ;-), because it’s just me that has to improve.

    And having listened to shutters inc gives me a great headstart. Even before owning an DSLR I got the feeling the way I look at things has changed. So thanks again.

    Cheers, Jan

    PS: The Link to the blogpost doesn’t seem to work, I get a wordpress login-screen only

  7. Alan Weston says:

    Hi Bruce really enjoyed this podcast, not that the others weren’t great but this one was different. I like the idea of hearing from people that we wouldn’t get access to. Guess we are lucky having the people in melbourne that we do (eg. Shelton)
    Hope you pan to do more of these guest spots occasionally in the future. I liked Claudia’s take on lighting and her comments from a movie background. Thanks for your efforts. PS. did I detect a bit of nervousness at the start. Great job.