Some recent listener feedback

Shutters Inc

Firstly let me start with reference to something that Bruce had mentioned, I think in episode 137.
You were quite concerned with the audio quality that you were able to present to listeners from the portable recorder used at Echuca, the audio on that episode was fine.
I have recently dabbled with other podcasts, and have since canceled all of the downloads except Shutters Inc.
Bruce the quality of the audio delivered by you leaves all others far behind, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the great pod casts not only in the information passed on but also the technical quality.
Mark Chapman

Sine Language

Bruce, I can only say, in my opinion, that the services you are providing are greatly appreciated.
J. R.

Building the pod

I've only recently decided to get back into music production after a prolonged absence.
So, when it came to choosing a DAW, it came down to a choice between FL Studio and Audition.
Dollar wise, quite similar although FL Studio does offer more in the way of virtual instruments for this price range.
But I chose Audition for two clear reasons.
1. I really like the look and feel. The layout is just easy on the eye and made sense to me very quickly.
2. I knew I had a great teacher. I discovered Building the Pod through the Adobe web site and soon found Sine Language.
I have to thank you sincerely for your weekly tuition.
It has turned a somewhat severe learning curve into managable bite size pieces.
I simply can't overstate how thankful I am of your weekly podcasts.
Bye for now.
Ross Huntley

November 1, 2009

Not again…

Filed under: Building the Pod,Sine Language — Bruce Williams @ 12:01

Um, yeah, sorry about this, folks.
I didn’t plan my week out very well, and we’re going away for the weekend.
So again, there’s no BTP or SL this week.

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2 responses to “Not again…”

  1. BOMAR says:

    Hey Bruce

    Before you completely switch to photography and forget about us audio freaks I just wanted to chime in and ask (if it has not been covered before) the best way to prepare and add art work and metadata so that whenever the song is played the artwork is displayed properly and how to avoid pifalls such as the chipmunk effect (never encoding above 44100 and etc)

    Second topic

    You may be interested in the way sound looks in real life more specifically a technique used to photograph shockwaves

    well that is it, if the artwork and metadata has been covered before could you please tell me what number on BTP or SL?

    keep up te art!

  2. Bomar,
    Don’t worry, I ain’t leavin’ yet!! :)
    As for artwork and metadata being displayed on playback, that depends a lot on what software you use for playback. I use Media Monkey, which can alter it’s artwork display state between “current selection” or “now playing”.
    But maybe that’s a story for another day.
    In terms of ADDING the artwork, iToons will allow you to browse for an image, as will Media Monkey, and I’d imagine so would most other media players.
    As for editing the metadata, again, any decent media management utility (iToons, MM, etc) should give you access to the various fields.
    The thing I like about Media Monkey is that you can select a whole bunch of files and aplpy the same field of metadata to all of those files in one go.
    There’s not a lot you can’t do in Media Monkey when it comes to ID3 tag editing, but when you need to do something MM CAN’T handle, that’s when you reach for the Swiss Army Knife of ID3 tag editors… the little-known, totally-indispenbile MP3 Tag Studio.
    What MP3TS can’t do with an ID3 tag ain’t worth doin’. :)
    It’s awesome.
    It’s freeware (with a banner graphic), but for US$19, you get a license which will give you lifetime upgrades. Best twenty bucks I EVER spent. Bar none.
    Will do my best to include this topic in the next ep of Sine Language.