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About Audio2u

Bruce Williams has been a professional recording and mixing engineer since 1987.
His career highlights include:

* Being an early adoptor of podcasting, starting his first podcast in May 2005,
* 30 years in the Australian commercial radio industry, and
* Over 20 years recording and mixing music in the studio.

Bruce is a fast and efficient dialogue editor, who also understands how to mix multiple sources together into a cohesive, unified-sounding podcast.

Together with a team of marketing gurus, music composers, and male and female voiceover artists, can help you create a listening experience that reflects your brand.
Whether it’s communicating with your workforce, or talking to your loyal customer base, let us help you to deliver meaningful and engaging content.

Although based on the New South Wales Central Coast, we can and do work with clients located all over the globe.

Audio quality example

For an example of the kind of quality audio production you can expect from, have a listen to one of our own podcasts.

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